Akçakale Vocational of Higher Education School was established in 1995 in order to train qualified personnel in the field of business and administration and  agriculture.  Akçakale is a township located in the Southeastern of Anatolia- near Syrian border. The programs in the School provide associate degree. Our school educates the students with the choice of  three different programs including Accounting &Taxation, Marketing and Organic&Ecological  Agriculture . Number of academic staff in our school is about seven. All our student are educated with computer aided courses. In the programs, with two years education, basic information is given in the first year; and in the second year, with mandatory and optional lessons, applied aducation is given according to the students’ aimed sector.

The School aims to raise members of profession that would successfully meet the needs of the society and its institutions, while possessing excellent knowledge in their field on national and international level and have respect for universal values.



Harran Üniversitesi 
Akçakale Meslek Yüksekokulu 
63500 Akçakale/ŞANLIURFA

0 414 318 3000    
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